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Love Conquers Rain: Peter and Patricia's October Wedding in Canandaigua, NY

In the charming town of Canandaigua, NY, amidst the crisp October air, Peter and Patricia embarked on a journey of love that defied the odds – a rainy wedding day that blossomed into a celebration to remember.

St. Mary's Catholic Church stood witness to their vows, and King's Party House became the canvas for a reception filled with warmth and joy.

Despite the persistent rain that accompanied the day, Peter and Patricia's love radiated like a beacon, casting away any gloom. Join us as we navigate through their story, where raindrops turned into rhythmic applause during the ceremony, and the sound of laughter echoed through the halls of King's Party House.

But the magic didn't stop there. Just when the couple and their guests thought the day would remain shrouded in rain, a stroke of serendipity unfolded. As golden hour approached, the clouds parted, allowing the setting sun to cast its warm glow upon the newlyweds. The result? Breathtaking photos that captured the essence of a love that not even the rain could dampen.

Welcome to Peter and Patricia's extraordinary October wedding, where the weather couldn't dim the brilliance of their love, and a touch of golden hour turned a rainy day into a magical celebration.

Ceremony Venue: St. Mary's Church - Canandaigua, NY

Hair and Makeup: The Beauty Designer

Florist: Caitlin Roberts

Cake: Club 86

I'm Bree from Bree Renee Photography and I'm a documentary wedding photographer serving New York and Pennsylvania: Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, New York City, Finger Lakes, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Central PA and Beyond.

If you're still looking for your wedding photographer - I would love to hear more about your wedding day and figure out a plan of action to cover everything you want captured. Plus, I'll share all my tips and tricks I've learned along the way. Let's make magic together!

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