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A Day of Love: Colin and Irina's Intimate Wedding Celebration at Harbor House

Updated: Jan 5

As the golden sun cast its warm embrace over North Tonawanda, NY, Colin and Irina embarked on a journey that would forever bind their hearts together.

In the quaint and picturesque setting of Harbor House, nestled against the backdrop of the charming town, the couple's intimate wedding unfolded on a day that seemed tailor-made for love. Surrounded by the gentle breeze and the whispers of the nearby river, their celebration was a testament to the beauty found in simplicity, where each moment resonated with the warmth of the sun and the genuine love shared between two souls. Join us as we delve into the details of Colin and Irina's sun-kissed wedding day, a tale of love that unfolded with grace and joy in this idyllic corner of New York.

I'm Bree from Bree Renee Photography and I'm a documentary wedding photographer serving New York: Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, New York City, Finger Lakes, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Central PA and Beyond.

If you're still looking for your wedding photographer - I would love to hear more about your wedding day and figure out a plan of action to cover everything you want captured. Plus, I'll share all my tips and tricks I've learned along the way. Let's make magic together!

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